Grimley two directors


Saturday 13 July at 4.00pm
and Monday 15 July at 7.00pm 

2 Men & 2 Women required

In the depths of rural Britain lies the village of
Little  Grimley famous for nothing apart from the
theatre company at the local hall,
where four valiant locals attempt to put on shows
with no money, no acting talent and no audience. 
       Gordon is the director and questionable scriptwriter,
Margaret is the leading lady if she can remember
her lines, whilst timid Joyce runs the paperwork
and dreams of being a star. 
Bernard (though coarse) does his best to build sets
and maintain the old hall. 
       These two plays are hilarious episodes in their
incompetent lives as they attempt a pantomime
and then a talent show. 


We are currently scheduling for our
2020 season!

If you would like to direct an Octagon
play for next year,
please call Cynthia Cahill on

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