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Audition Forms & Notices

Audition Notice

Sunday 15 September at 5.00pm and Monday 16 September at 7.00pm

Alan Ayckbourn's Season's Greetings to be directed by Cynthia Cahill

5 Men & 4 Women required

We follow the Bunkers during their 4-day Christmas gathering of relatives and friends.  Hilarious highlights include a chaotically incompetent puppet show and a midnight love scene that ends by setting off a fearful din.  Feathers and hackles are ruffled indiscriminately throughout.  Christmas - a time of joyous mayhem - but this household will just be a little different from the norm!

Characters seen on stage are nine adults present in the house.

Bernard, a feeble-spirited doctor, with strong views on non-violence and obsessed with a children's dismal puppet show
Phylllis, Bernard's lush of a wife, whom Bernard struggles to support
Neville, Phyllis's brother, always busy fiddling with anything mechanical out in his shed
Belinda, endures a stale marriage to Neville, resorting to flapping about the house and constantly dressing the Christmas tree.
Eddie, a lacklustre and lazy man who tried to strike out on his own but failed, sucks up to his friend Neville for work
Pattie, Eddie's pregnant wife, largely ignored, and can only nag at him and wish she were not having another child
Rachel, Belinda's emotionally fuddled sister
Clive, a writer, in a non-starter of a relationship with Rachel
Harvey, Neville and Phyllis's uncle, a cantankerous man who boasts about "thirty years experience" as a security officer, bemoans the collapse of society whilst himself gorging on TV violence, much to Bernard's annoyance.

Come join us in the fun!

Calling all Directors

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To enquire, please call Cynthia Cahill on 021 1162 896.  

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